Well Services

Water Well Drilling

Aardvark Drilling has all the tooling and ancillary/support equipment needed for drilling medium and large diameter domestic, commercial and municipal water supply wells. (Even cottages…)

We are now offering pump installation services, pump testing, and of course all the other services we have been offering for years.

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Well Abandonment

Water well abandonment services are used to safely decommission old wells to ensure there is no risk of contamination or hazard. 

Aardvark Drilling has many years of experience in decommissioning wells by filling, sealing, and plugging the water well. Our well abandonment services and expert technicians ensure there is no risk of contamination or hazard after the work is completed.

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Old, unused well structures can be a hazard and inconvenience on your property. They can also be a threat to local groundwater quality if left exposed. Improperly constructed or open and abandoned water wells provide a path into subsurface ground water and aquifers, with runoff often carrying organic waste, chemicals and other pollutants directly into the drinking water supply. Once contaminated, groundwater is expensive and difficult, if not impossible, to clean up.